Friday, December 6, 2013

Weaving a heart using Martha Stewart Loom

First of all you need Martha Stewart Loom. Attach the loom piece so that the shape resemble a heart.
You also need 2 colours of medium sized yarns (If you plan to use local yarns like nona/minlon, I would suggest to use 3 strands of yarns at a time)

Level: challenging

Video tutorial available here:

After binding off, the woven heart will shrink a lil bit and it will look like this

The woven heart can be used as a placemat, coaster, pillow, and everything you can imagine :)
Below is my woven heart pillow~

Isn't it cute? (^_^)

If you're interested to make your own woven heart pillow, kindly email to to purchase Martha Stewart loom and weave kit. TQ 

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