Tuesday, March 22, 2011


stars and balls keychains

heart keychains

cubes keychains

alphabets keychains

jersey and shirt keychains


Monday, March 21, 2011

multi-purpose small bag

Teacher Arpah had asked me to crochet a big green-pencil case for her. Knowing that the pencil case will be used to keep a lot of marker pens and other stuff, I decided to make a pencil case with handle for her!

here it is!

front view
(i'm still in ripple mood:-)

back view
star beads for decorations

inside view- heart keychain

I made another green bag with different design. I think it could be a make up bag due to its small size. At first, I want to give it to my mom, but my mom suggested me to sell it!!!! hehe she said that I could make one for her later..

I used flowers and dangling beads for decoration:-)

back view..

Inside view....

I am so happy with the outcome. I got my mom to thank for. She is the one who give advices and support. She is the bestest mom in the world. Thanks mom!!!!

ripple bags~

These colourful bags are my latest crochet project. All of them were ordered by my aunt's colleagues. They didn't request for specific colours so I took that opportunity to play with colours this time. With my mom as my great advisor, we took merely half an hour to mix and match yarn colours in the store :-)

some photos~

dark blue
we love dark blue so much, but there were not enough yarn available. insisted on using dark blue, we choose pink yarns for the straps.

pink is a must!

the colour look different here:-(

grey is simple:-)

my mom likes this bag the most!!

black is beautiful:-)

baby blue
i like the 'softness' element of this bag ~

My mom loves the green bag, while my sister hearts the maroon one. As for me, I like all of them!!!! how about you? (^_^)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

of bag and pouch

My aunt loves the ripple bag I've made before and had asked me to crochet one for her 9-year-old daughter. She wants it to be smaller than the normal size of sling bag I've been making. Here it is:-)

My cousin wants her name to be crocheted on her bag, but she doesn't want it to be large. So, I used single crochet instead of double crochet for the name....(I'll make a tutorial on how to crochet alphabet soon:-)

bear keychain ~

inside view ...

The bag comes with a cute matching pouch~As you can see, I've crocheted the pouch strap with beads. It was my first experience crocheting with beads and I would admit that it was fun!

I hope my little cousin will like her colourful bag and pouch:-)

tuut...tuut..the train is coming

Fatin's bag is finished! it is a combination of purple and yellow, and is exactly the same like Aida's tote that I've made before.

Have a look~

Front view...toy train theme:-)
star key chain as free gift~


inside view...

I used to hand sew all the linings but this time, I tried to sew using sewing machine. Thank god, it didn't turn the way I'd imagined it would be and in fact, it looks sturdier than the one hand-sewn...(plus it is faster and easier to do!-that's the point actually :-P)

I hope she likes her cute bag!

Thanks for visiting Crochet is.Fun!
do come again~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cat collar

Enthralled by beautiful headbands made by fellow crafter, I decided to make one, not for a baby, but for a cat!!

my cat with his collar!! can't you see how reluctant he was?

'crocheted flower doesn't suit me well la...I'm a male cat anyway...' (^_^)

*I made that collar months ago. My cat wore it for less than an hour before I removed it due to his awkward behavior where he kept on moving backwards in hope of getting rid of the collar~

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