Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free pattern: Alphabet Graph

I love to make personalised crochet items which have its owner's name on it, for example; bags, kufi hat, pencil cases and many others. They have some sort of sentimental values which I'm sure the receiver would definitely love it! It's a perfect gift for your loved ones~

so here is the template which I normally use for alphabet.
all of these alphabets have been tested except for 'V' and 'Q'
each boxes represent one double crochet

kufi hats :-)

If you find these graphs helpful, kindly share them with your craft friend :-)
happy crafting~


Suri d'Laman said...

Slm Amani.. thanks perkongsiannya.. mmg ngh plan nk krusye kupiah utk my boy :)

Nurasyikin Zakaria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nurasyikin Zakaria said...

Entri ni menarik n sgt membantu

Nurasyikin Zakaria said...

Entri ni menarik n sgt mbntu

amani said...

sama-sama :-)

Anonymous said...

salam. just nk tnye. pattern kopiah sendiri punye ke? klo online, bleh ke share? :-)

amani said...

salam, pattern sendiri, tapi sy pun tak pasti kalau dah terambil inspirasi dari internet.. beyond subconconcious mind :-)
ambil je dear. tapi kalau gunakan gambar saya, pastikan kredit kepada saya ya

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