Monday, August 26, 2013

Free pattern: cable hat (loom knitting)

loom with  a peg multiple of 4 (in this tutorial, I use martha stewart loom with 56 pegs loom)
tapestry needle
chunky yarns (I think medium sized yarn is acceptable too)

size: child's size

K: knit. Video tutorial here
P: Purl. Video tutorial here
P2tog: A decrease row. Video tutorial here
TW: twist right. Video tutorial here


start with chain cast on method (video tutorial here)
Round 1-6:  *K2, P2* repeat from * to the end of round
the next rows are cable pattern, repeat the pattern for 13 times

cable twist pattern:

Round 1, 2, 4: K2, P2* repeat from * to the end of round
Round 3: *TW2, P2* repeat from * to the end of round

chart for cable:
P   P   K     K  (4)
P   P  TW TW (3)
P   P   K     K  (2)
P   P   K    K   (1)
(4) (3) (2) (1)


PK2, P2tog* repeat from * to the end of round

cast off with gathered method. Video tutorial here

optional: make a pompom and attach to top. Tutorial on how to make a pompom here


Martha alike loom is available in stock, the price is RM 170. Grab one while stock last :-)


Anonymous said...

What does this line mean?

PK2, P2tog* repeat from * to the end of round

amani said...

It was a mistake. the actual one is K2, P2tog

Fiszah_pjo said...

Nk lom pandai baca da paham mcmmne nk looming.heheh

amani said...

takpe, lama2 nanti mesti boleh, chaiyyok dear

Unknown said...

I am new to this what is pattern chart for I thouth you just did rows 1-3 13 times?

amani said...

yes I did rows 1-3 13 times

Sande Francis said...

Lovely hat! How many pegs would I need for an adult sized hat?

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