Monday, August 18, 2014

Martha Stewart Loom Kits (clone) are now available

Assalamualaikum and hai,
Due to high demand, Martha Stewart Loom and Weave kits are now back in stock!
Hurry, grab them now before they go out of stock again :-)

The previous batch of Martha Stewart Kits were selling fast. Many had emailed us to purchase them since March, but we could only restock them in August. The kit can be used to make many projects such as scarves, teddy bears, blanket, hats, pencil case, socks, and many more!

Price: RM 155
WM: RM 12
EM: RM 17

For more info regarding the loom kit, please visit this link:

To order, please send an email to or simply fill in the order form on top of this blog 

Thank you

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