Sunday, May 29, 2011

blue pencil cases

extra long pencil case & extra fat pencil case :-)

extra long pencil case

this pencil case is approximately 12 inch in length!

flower amigurumi on both ends

The lining part was very challenging. I believe that there are more rooms for improvement~

Extra fat pencil case

front view: flowers!!!!!

the other side...

inside view

I hope the owners of these pencil cases would like them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

small sling bag~

This bag is a request from my cousin's friend. She wants a small sling in purple colour. Here it is~

She wants a bag that could fit a handphone and a note pad. I hope this bag meet the criteria she listed.

remember the flower amigurumi I made before? Kak zaza said in the comment form that the flower would be nice on a bag. Thanks Kak Zaza for the suggestion!

back view.

1 zipper pocket inside

I hope the owner would like the bag!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free pattern: flower amigurumi

any type of yarns (2 colours) crochet hook
polyester filling

petals (make 5)
magic circle
R1: 5 sc (work in continual round, do not join)
R2: 2sc in each sc (10)
R3: 1 sc, 2sc in next sc (15 )
R4-9: sc in each sc (15)
R10: sc, sc decrease in next (10)

pistil (make 2)
with different colour of yarn, make a magic cirlce
R1: 9 sc (work in continual round, do not join)
R2: 2sc in each sc (18)
R3: 1 sc, 2sc in next sc (27)
R4-5: sc in each sc (27)

sew all petals together, performing a ring. Sew the first piece of pistil on the 9th round of each petal. Sew another piece of pistil on 9th round of the petals on the other side of flower, stuffing as you go...

useful links:

happy crocheting!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

bear amigurumi:-)

Hi everyone! we are cute little bears. we are friends!

We can sit, we can stand, we can make you smile, and we can be your best friend...

we are soft, we are squishable. But we won't befriend with babies. So please keep babies away from us...

we are small, we are cute, and we are the wonderbears!
Hurry, get us now!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

small clothes!

Alhamdulillah, 14 sets of crocheted hanging clothes ordered by my aunt's colleagues are finished!

some pictures:

I love colours:-)

personalised names

3 sets of 'no name' clothes

'I love U' spotted! (^_^)v

all packed....

Thanks for visiting Crochet is Fun!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

yesterday: of yarn and flower brooch

Yeayy..Yesterday, I got a birthday present from my beloved sister. Guess what it is? It is a box of 19 skeins of Knitwise yarns! I am so happy!!! The multicolour 8 ply yarns are VERY beautiful and yummy. There are 3 types of yarns: bluebird, cloudy, and candy. I'm loving all of them but those in bluebird tones attract me most. I love the colour so much!


There are lots of projects linger on my minds but I haven't decided on making any yet. I was thinking of making a bag for myself, as I haven't got one. The truth is; I've crocheted more than 40 bags so far, but none is mine:-)


I made a flower brooch yesterday. It's about 3.5' wide. I would call it a half flower amigurumi, because only the pistil was stuffed but the petals wasn't.

The owner of crocheted flower brooch a.k.a my superb model:-)

Thanks for reading~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ripple bags (special edition:-)

These are my latest bags, ordered by Kak Siti.

close up pictures:

crimson coloured bag.

royal blue

Carnation Pink

Kak Siti has ordered a total of 6 bags from me so far (click here and here to see her previous bags). That's a lot! Thank you kak Siti. Thank you for your appreciation. I am very very happy to know that my handmade bags are loved by others. Therefore, I've made a small bag in green shades especially for her. I hope Kak Siti will like it~

close up pictures:

CT for Kak Siti:-)
star beads for decoration

flower embellishment on the other side..

The inside view. I lined the small bag with cute cotton fabric

Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

bow ribbon

Earlier this year, I made a bow ribbon to attach to a bag, but later decided not to use it. The bow ribbon was kept in a box until my sister asked for it today. She said that she wants to replace the brooch she normally use with the ribbon. I dare her to do so:-) (me myself would never wear a big bow ribbon especially on the side of my head!)

I thought she was kidding me, but she didn't! She went to a hospital for a medical check up with the ribbon attached to her head, happily. The doctor was surprised with her appearance. 'wahhh new fashion ? cantik want to be a designer, don't you? ' (^_^)

my sister said that she would definitely wear the bow ribbon again and she even asked me to crochet a huge butterfly for the same purpose - head accessories! I'd love to make one for her (and for myself too!)

tote bag for sale

made from 100% acrylic yarn, lined with cotton fabric.
zipper closure, heart keychain attached
1 zipper pocket and 1 open pocket inside
Measurement (length x width x height): 13"x 4"x 14", handles: 23"
100% handmade

Price: RM 82.00 (excluding postage)

status: SOLD

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Tangan saya sakit sedikit terkena pintu. Buat sementara waktu tak boleh mengait. Maaf buat yang menunggu...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

jersey keychain

These jerseys are requested by Syahizatul from UM. I've posted them yesterday and alhamdulillah, she has received them today! I'm very very happy when she told me that she likes them:-)

look at this ceramic plate set. I think it is very beautiful and unique. don't you think so? someone gave the set to my mom as a mean of souvenir from Turkey. My mom likes the set very much. She even put some of my crocheted items onto the plates and snap the picture for me so that I could share the picture with others in my blog~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

purplicious bag

yeayy..I'm happy!

Alhamdulillah, Ajra's order is finished. It's a striped sling bag that emphasize more on purple colour. This bag is a present for her sister who did well in her SPM before. Congratulation Ajra's sister!

let's have a look on close up pictures...

The drawstring bag was made up of 4 yarn colours: cream, grey, pink and purple. Its size is about the same with tote bag, but a lil bit wider. There are flowers and bee for decoration.

dangling pink hearts...

back view: name+ladybug+flower...

Ajra also requested for maroon hearts above~

Thanks for visiting!
do come again~

Monday, May 2, 2011

tote bag in red

This bag is requested by Asyikin. She had asked for 3 themes: 'It's not gonna rain today', 'happy butterfly day', and 'love is in the air' plus lady bug and butterfly appliques. Ashikin had given me the authority to do whatever I think is best. Knowing that it would be awkward if I simply put all the themes together, I decided to alter the theme a bit by reducing the number of mini clothes (normally, I put 4), and assemble the crochet appliques differently on her tote bag.

Front view

back view

I'll post the bag tomorrow and I hope she'll like her new bag.

Thanks for visiting!
do come again~

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