Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The smaller bear on left was my first amigurumi. I made it for hours, following step by step instruction from youtube video. It was a bit different from the one made by the instructor but I couldn't deny that it's still cute(^_^) Later, I made a bigger version of it (on right) with additional accessories like vest, hat and shawl.;-)

this doraemon keychain was requested by my little brother. I didn't follow any pattern for this one but tried making my own instead. As a result, I would agree that my doraemon looks weird. ~However, my brother was so over the moon with the keychain. He couldn't stop praising it! My doraemon is now with his new owner, as my brother gave him to his close friend as a mean of present for his birthday. I hope his friend like it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Filet Crochet

When I first told my mom that I want to crochet, she smiled remarkably. An art teacher herself, she is more than happy to provide me with yarns and of course, a crochet hook! To my surprise, the yarns and the hook are so small, which I couldn't cope with in the beginning. I kept them in my crochet box for a while, before I found a filet crochet pattern that caught my eyes the very first time I saw it. I found the pattern here.

Alhamdulillah, after several days of hardwork, tadaaaaaaaaaa.....

size: 10" x 12"

the outcome is not disappointing. It is so pretty I would say. A wall decoration it could be, and a nice present it surely is. If you agree with me, hurry and make one for you now:-)

happy crocheting!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

sling bag

I made this bag for my sister. With her name on it, her friend could easily identify her from the back. She kinda like it!

Have a look~

Sling bag with names
RM 85.00
100% handmade

*This is not a ready made item. Please wait patiently and give me a week time to make one for you~

*This bag comes with a lining inside

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Pet toys

Ever wonder why your pet is inactive in cage? I got the answer!! He/she needs toys!!!!

Introducing my 'Flying Fishes', specially crocheted for your pets~

I put a cardboard inside

Just look at my cats!!!! They are playing happily in cage, instead of sleeping or looking bored:-)

Get flying fishes now!!
RM5.00 each

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Previous orders

These are some of the key chains I've crocheted in three months time. Sometimes I just can't believe that I made them. Thank you so much to my dear customers, your appreciations means a lot to me. They brought smiles to a girl who suffered from a nightmare. I can't stop pronouncing Alhamdulillah for the miracle He'd offered. Thank you again!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tote bag

This is a tote bag I made for my aunt. Have a look!

tote bag
Cream+Dark Brown
RM 80.00
100% handmade

*this is not a ready made item. Please wait patiently and give me a week time to make one for you~

*This bag comes with a lining inside

*you can request for colours

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sweet baby hat

I made this hat for my cousin as a present for her newborn baby. Surprisingly, many said that it's cute! Have a look~

baby hat with name
RM 18.00

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Rose for her

Flowers bring sentimental value especially those handmade with love (Amani 2010) :-)

a stalk of rose
RM 7.00

*get 5 stalks of roses for RM30.00 (RM5 off)
*shrek not included:-)

Wanna know the meaning of rose colours and numbers? simply click here (^_^)

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'donut' key chains

puffy+creamy+yummy donuts for you~

mouth watering donuts
RM 6.00 each

bling2 donut:-)

you can also request for names/words at the back with no extra charge~

*please state the colour for base, topping, and dripping in your order:-)

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'star' key chains

I call this key chain as 'star' while my sister's teacher mentioned it as 'bunga' while ordering. No matter what it looks like, I'm pretty sure that the key chain is cute and is meant for someone cute!

lucky star on bag

small 'star' key chain
RM 5.00

Big 'star' key chain

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cubes and balls

These are photos of mixed balls and cubes I've made before this..do have a look~

plain cube
Rm 4.00 each

Cube with wordings/smileys
Rm5.00 each

plain ball
Rm 4.00 each

Ball with wordings/smileys
RM5.00 each

*colours and expressions of smileys can be requested
*kindly tell me the colours for surfaces, words, and lines for cubes that you want. There is no colour limits!

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'Love' key chains

Love/heart key chains for you~

small 'loves' with alphabet in both sides
RM 3.00

small 'loves' without alphabet
Rm 2.00

Big 'loves'
RM 5.00

Big 'loves' with flat wordings
RM 6.00

big 'love' with projecting wordings
Rm 7.00

You can also request for broken hearts!
Broken hearts
RM5.50 each

Broken hearts with wordings (both sides)
RM 6.50

*you can request for bigger size of 'love' and we shall discuss the price through email~


a happy kangaroo with lots of loves:-)

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Kopiah is one of the earliest crochet items I've made. The first kopiah was made for my brother who then caught his tuition teacher's attention when he wore it to class. His teacher then ordered a kopiah for her grandson and guess what, she was my first customer ever... thank you cikgu!

have a look at my handmade kopiah~

2 layered Kopiah
Kid: RM20.00
Adult: RM25.00

Adult's kopiah (single layered)
Rm 20.00

Kid's Kopiah (single layered)

*colours can be requested
*kindly measure the head circumference upon ordering:-)
*I"ll accept orders for other patterns of Kopiah upon request

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I started crocheting in May 2010. It was a bit hard in the beginning but it turns exciting as I progressed. Thanks a lot to youtube videos which helped me a lot in the learning process. I was doing crochet for fun but one day, it changed. My hobby was turned into business! Thanks a lot to my sister who accidentally being my very best promoter in her school. The crocheted key chains I made for her had attracted her friends to place orders for my crochet items. It was my best experience ever. I felt appreciated when people began valuing my handmade items and here I am, wishing to share my passion with bigger radius of people. Welcome to Crochet.is.Fun!

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