Monday, August 29, 2011

Teddy for her...part 2

 Read about teddy for her part 1 here

Alhamdulillah, 2 more bears has finished! These bears are smaller than teddy that I made in previous post. They are for my aunt's friends, Dr Jameela Banu and Matron Azizah~

fuscia teddy for Dr Jameela Banu

At first, I thought a bear in fuscia would look weird, but my mom prove me wrong. She suggested me to use fuscia yarns for this bear and I would say that I love the colour so much. The teddy looks so cute in that colour...:-)

yellow teddy for Matron Azizah

This teddy is requested by Matron Azizah. She wants to put that teddy on her table in her room. Look at my model's expression in the lower left picture. I think it's funny:-) she was trying to mimic a 'nose-to-nose' action that she always did to our beloved cat~

teddies with my sweet model:-)

I hope both of them would like these bears.
Stay tuned for teddy for her part 3 in my next entry~
(For certain reasons, the teddy's owner wants her teddy to be uploaded no sooner than January please wait~)

I'd like to wish all muslims, happy eidul fitr. May this eid bring us happiness, peace, and May Allah grace us with endless blessing. Selamat Hari raya, Maaf Zahir Batin...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teddy for her...

This special teddy is ordered by Shahrul, especially for Nad, his girlfriend. Yeah I know...

that's so sweet~

let me rephrase... 

that's so so sweet~!!.(^_^)

This huge amigurumi  is about the same size with teddy for Putri that I made before. Shahrul wants everything to be exactly like Putri's teddy except for the name part. He requested for a huge heart shape with his name and his girlfriend's on teddy's chest. owh let me say it again..that's so sweet!

 I hope Shahrul and Nad like this teddy~
teddy for that teddy wears a skirt, we can call her Miss Teddy!

I used KnitPro to generate a graph for heart shape and Cross stitch caption maker for the text. You can try using those sites to create your own tapestry crochet pattern. It's challenging but I swear, it's fun! 

teddy with my model:-)

Many thanks to my dear model who is more than willing to pose with miss teddy (I owe her a crocheted bag:-). Many thanks to my dear photographer a.k.a my mom too. I owe them a lot! 

Not to forget, thank you everyone for the visits and comments. I appreciate it so much and it makes me more enthusiast to update my blog more frequently~

More coming soon in 'teddy for her' part 2 and 3...stay tuned~!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Imported yarns for sale!

Moda Vera Marvel 8 ply yarns
100% acrylic

All of these yarns were bought by my sister. I asked her to buy some beautiful yarns for my personal project but she told me that there are LOTS of beautiful yarns that she found in New Zealand. So, she bought so many beautiful yarns not only for me, but also for you guys~ All of these yarns are available for sale. Hurry and get them now, while stock last!

Have a look~

Colour code: 0001
Grams: 100 g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available   ALL SOLD OUT


Colour code: 0013
Grams: 100 g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available
4 balls available


Colour code: 0004
Grams: 100 g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available


Colour code: 0003
Grams: 100 g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available


Colour code: 0009
Grams: 100 g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available
3 balls available


Colour code: 002
Grams: 100g
Meterage per ball: approx 283m
Needle size: 4mm
Made in Australia
Price: RM 28.00 per ball
5 balls available (1 reserve)


These yarns are very soft and suitable for wearable items, bags, accessories and many others. I think a ball and a half of these yarns would be sufficient enough for a baby vest because the yarns are so big! Look at the picture below. I guess a ball of these yarns might be equal to 2 and a half ball of Nona yarns.

Anyone interested to buy, please fill in the order form  here and state the yarn code and quantity to buy, or email me at amaniekd[at]yahoo[dot]com. 
I could not guarantee your 100% satisfaction but personally and honestly, I LOVE all of these yarns and would recommend everyone to try~

Thank you, and happy shopping!

few things to share

These amigurumi were made by my 10 year old brother. My youngest brother is so into crochet after he saw me crocheting keychains and amigurumi. I taught him the basic of crochet in less than 30 minutes and asked him to find what he want in youtube videos himself. Being so keen to crochet, he did browsing crochet beginner videos, and came out with these impressive amigurumi! A fast learner he is, would you agree with me?

Last week, I got a parcel from skynet. Guess what's inside? It's a set of 9 pieces tunisian crochet hooks with rolling case!!!! My dearest customer Kak Siti, who is an avid crocheter herself, gave the tunisian crochet hook set for me to keep. I'm so touched as she bought the set especially for me!

Kak Siti has been my very loyal customer since last year. She has ordered baby sets, pillow case, ripple bags, ripple bag, and tote bags from me. That's a lot! Thank you Kak Siti! I've tried crocheting using the 4mm tunisian hook and I would say that I'm in love with bamboo hooks now. They are very light and I think they are suitable to use in air-conditioned room since they would not let our fingers go numb as compared to using steel or aluminium hooks. Err..would anyone agree with me?

lastly, I got this award from kak Lia. Thank you so much Kak Lia~
I need to share few things about me too. here they are:

-I love everything about art, from drawing (but not good in it) to sewing and crocheting. I learnt using the sewing machine since I was 9 and my first project is pencil case with zipper closure.
-I love cats too.

I guess 2 is enough:-P 

Thanks for reading~!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

6 pieces crochet hooks

Last month, my dearest friend bought me a set of 6 pieces crochet hooks which is so cute and adorable. The aluminum crochet hooks are very light, and the hooks came with cute plastic handle that make me feel more comfortable to crochet in long hours.

 Good news, this colouful crochet hooks are available for you guys to grab~
Look at them...they are so cute, aren't they?

Item descriptions:

Made in  China
Materials: Multicolour plastic handle and aluminium hooks
Quantity: 6 pieces (different sizes)
Sizes: 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm
length: 14 cm
7 sets available All sold out

Price: RM 36.00 (excluding postage)

Anyone interested, please email me at amaniekd[at]yahoo[dot]com or simply fill in the order form here

Thank you~

p/s: these hooks are now available.hurry! grab a set now~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

little bears!!

Masa: 6.20 petang
Assalamualaikum semua!

little bears nak ucapkan..'selamat berbuka puasa kepada semua umat Islam yang berada di Malaysia dan di kawasan yang sewaktu berbuka dengannya~(^_^)

Friday, August 5, 2011

crocheted pillow case

This pillow case is custom made for Kak Siti, my very sweet and loyal customer:-) Kak Siti designed the pillow case herself  but she gave me the authority to do the whatever I think is best. That's so sweet! I've tried my best to make a very cute pillow case for her and I hope kak Siti would love it!

 a pillow of ladybugsssss. I'm sure Kak siti is a huge fan of cute/kawaii things! 

This pillow case is 100% crocheted . It's size is 26'x 17' (normal pillow size). For the edging, I've crocheted a simple yet cute crochet edging which I've stumbled upon while surfing the net. The pattern could be found here

I hope kak Siti love it!

Note the cute white cushion? The cushion cover is a gift that I won from c.r.a.f.t.y.a.n.i.Q.u.e's giveaway. It's so lovely! if I'm not mistaken, the technique used is free motion. kak Ann did a great job on that! Thank you Kak Ann for selecting me as a winner. I'll take good care of the cushion cover, I promise~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To whom it may concern:-)

Crochet hooks are now available!! 
kepada yang telah membuat tempahan, sila cek inbox anda untuk maklumat selanjutnya. Sila cek spam box juga ya~

Thank you dan selamat berpuasa~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan and Kopiah

It's Ramadhan! Happy fasting to all muslims and may this Ramadhan be the best Ramadhan in our lives!

I made 2 kopiah last weekend.Enjoy some pictures!

Ayu's order
Ayu had requested for a dome-like kopiah for her beloved grandfather. I've tried my best to make one and alhamdulillah, my first trial was a success:-) I hope her grandfather likes it! 

and this kopiah is requested by my eldest sister, for her special someone. I hope that someone likes it:-)

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