Friday, December 31, 2010

Crochet baby hat~

Cute baby hats from!! have a look....

~beanie hat~
hat code: 001
Price: RM 25.00

~Mickey hat~
hat code: 002
Price: RM 23.00

~beach hat~
hat code: 003
Price: RM 26.00

~beanie hat~
hat code: 004
Price: RM 25.00

~pompom hat~
hat code: 005
Price: RM 25.00

my cute model :-)

To order, kindly state your:
-hat code
-choice of colours
-measurement of head circumference:-)

*these are not ready made items.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

wall charm:-)

Someone was interested with my small crocheted clothes and had asked for something like this~


I would call it a wall charm! The clothes are slightly different from those hanged on my tote bag. Accessories like tie, ribbon, necklace, belt, and pocket were added to make them more adorable! Beautiful beads were inserted in between clothes and suction cups were connected to the end of string.

let's see some close up photos:-)

Each cloth is unique because they were crocheted with passion and love:-)

I hope she will like it~

*I do accept orders for wall charm. Price: RM 30.00

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brooch & keychains

Alhamdulillah, I'm done with Ili's and hanisah's orders. They will be posted out tomorrow~

Ili's order: 2 flower brooches
heart keychain as free gift~

I hope you'll like them!

Hanisah's order: cube and ball keychains
heart keychain as free gift~

I hope your friend will like the keychains:-)

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pink+light yellow crocheted tote

A cute bag for Iliani is finished~ a combination of pink and yellow, I would call it a 'magic bag' since it finished in 2 days~ I hope she likes it!

some close up photos..enjoy!

it's not gonna rain today!

happy butterfly day +name...

The inside view. I noticed that the strap would easily curl up and made the bag less attractive. Now that I've hand sew linings to both strap, the problems seem to fade away~

heart keychain (From now on, a free gift of a keychain will be given to those who ordered bag with linings...) read here for more info

wanna have one? order now(^_^)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to order tote bag

*I realised that the price for tote bag is too low. Considering the effort I've been putting on finishing a bag (approximately a week for a bag), plus the fact that the yarn price has increased, I got no choice but to increase my bag price as well. The listed price below is a new one*

How to order tote bag~

1) Choose colours for both upper and bottom parts of bag. You can also choose for single colour. I'm using Nona & Minlon brands.

2) Choose themes. A tote with single theme cost RM 100.00, while double themes (front and back) cost RM 120.00. So far, I've got 3 themes to be chosen. You can also request for any themes and I'll try my best to make one for you~

'it's not gonna rain today' theme

upper-'love is in the air' theme
bottom- 'happy butterfly day' theme

you can also create your own design,price will be based on the difficulties

3)You can also request for name at the back. Kindly state the choice of crochet appliques if you want any.

A name with a max of 4 letters applied the same price with any themes.
However, you can also request for more letters, but with additional cost of RM1.50 for each of the extra letters.

Crochet appliques
Upper- Miss Octo, ladybug, pretty flower
bottom- Mr crab, butterfly, blooming flower

4) Please state if you want a lining inside. A lining with 2 pockets (1 with zipper) inside will cost you RM 10.00 extra. Lining is made with cotton fabric..
all bags will be lined with cotton fabric

A keychain (free gift) will be given to those who ordered tote bags with lining. There are 3 choices: heart, star, and ball keychain:-) make your choice now!!
every bag purchase will entitle for a free keychain

Thanks for reading~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Flower brooches~!!

Adorable flower brooches for you~

let's take a look!

~pretty rose~
Price: RM 3.00 per brooch

~2 layered flower~
Price: RM 3.00 per brooch

~giant rose(^_^)
price: RM 4.00 per brooch

~sweet flower~
Price: RM 3.00 per brooch

*You can choose for colours~
*special price for bulk orders
*These are not ready made items. Please give me time to make one for you~

Hurry and get one now.!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

purple+light yellow crocheted tote

Yeay!! Ruhani's bag is finished. Again, 2 colours of yarns were used, which are purple and light yellow. I guess the combination of colours is so sweet, thus the bag is sweet hence the bag owner is sweet too:-)

enjoy some photos~

Front and back view of the bag

"it's not gonna rain today" theme (version 5)

"Happy Butterfly Day" theme

I hope you like it~

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

over the moon:-)

Huhuhu..words cannot describe how I feel at the moment. I'm definitely in seventh heaven right now. huhuhu pictures could tell more.....
9 pieces of crochet hooks...hohoho it's a dream comes true I tell you......

10 skeins of yarns, 100% wool

thank you!thank you! thank you!

Fortunately, a bag I've made previously fit the hooks perfectly. God willing, I'll make a proper crochet hook case for them soon...

Thank you again!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fridgie keychains:-)

Nadira's keychains are finished~ They are 9 keychains altogether: 3 lucky stars, 4 hearts and 2 balls keychains.

spot us!

*they look cute on fridge right? Hmm...I'm thinking of crocheting fridgies any time later:-)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Light yellow+ Dark blue+ Black tote

Musalama's tote is finished! Instead of using 2 combination of colours, this time I used 3. Black colour yarn was used as edging as I afraid that the yellow strap would easily get dirt with frequent use..

enjoy some close up photos~

'It's not gonna rain today' theme (version 4)

'Love is in the air' theme. I think this is by far the sweetest theme I've ever made:-)

I hope she will like it!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grey+Maroon Crocheted tote

Alhamdulillah, done with Lia's tote. A combination of Maroon and Grey, I would say that the colour match perfectly together. However, I was a lil bit frustrated as the colour looks different in camera. I guess it was lighting problem as I can't put the blame on my sis's newly brought Sony:-)

some close up photos...

'It's Not Gonna Rain Today!' theme (version 3)

'Ladybug' and 'blooming flower' appliques

I hope Lia will like her tote:-)

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Red+Black crocheted tote

A tote bag ordered by Rose. She has not requested for specific colour but has requested for the bottom part to be dark in colour. So, I choose black and pair it with red! I hope she likes it:-)

some close up photos.....

'It's Not Gonna Rain Today!' theme (version 2)

'Mr Crab' and ' Miss Octo' appliques

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Turquoise+ Brown Tote

Alhamdulillah, I've finished with Efarizan's order. It's a tote bag with name on the back. I hope she likes it!

Some close up photos...

'It's Not Gonna Rain Today!' theme (version 1)

'A Happy Butterfly' and 'A Pretty Flower' appliques

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My first award~

Dapat award ni dari Izyan Nadiah...tq ye..first time dapat, excited sikit~ Bawah ni jawapan untuk tag...

1.Blog Fatin Hanani dimataku??
First time pergi blog ni. sweet je blog nye, mesti macam orangnya~

2. Nma belog dan kenapa letak nama tersebut??
Nama blog Pakai nama ni sebab blog ni almost 100% tentang crochet, hobi baru saya yang sangat best!

3. Nama URL belog dan dari mana datangnya nama itu?? sebenarnye nak letak crochetisfun je, tapi macam tak boleh, kena letak jugak Amani...kenapa ye?

4. Apekah kaedah penulisan dalam belog anda ?? ni sebenarnya nak promosi hasil kerja crochet, kaedah penulisan cuba menarik pelanggan lah kot:-)

5. Apakah perasaan anda bila tengok belog orang lain cantek dan menarik sedangkan belog anda tidak??
Suka tengok blog cantik. Tapi blog saya yang tak cantik pun saya suka jugak..hehe

6. Bilakah belog ini diwujudkan??
tak sampai sebulan lagi, 19.11.2010 tarikh diwujudkan...masih baru, sebab tu tak semeriah blog orang lain:-(

7. Siapakah orang pertama yang tahu dan menjadi follower belog anda??
Orang yang first tahu-kakak, tapi tak sure sape yang first jadi follower....

8. Sila tag 5 orang rakan :)
Semualah yang baca!(^_^)

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