Monday, February 28, 2011

free pattern: donut amigurumi

(this pattern doesn't belong to me and is posted here for sharing purpose)

Donut amigurumi

Yarn: any colours
Hook: H or any you prefer
Polyester filling

Chain 18
Join to form ring

R1: sc in each chain around (do not join, mark beginning of every row)

R2: *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*
Repeat to end of row

R3: sc

R4: *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*
Repeat to end of row

R5- R10: sc

R11: *1 sc, dec in next sc* (sc two sc together)
Repeat to end of row

R12: sc

R13: *1 sc, dec in next sc*
Repeat to end of row

R14: sc
Finish off, leaving long tail for sewing
Fold so first and last rows meet, forming a donut
Whip stitch first & last rows together (center of donut) stuffing as you go

ICING (optional)
Chain 18
Join to form ring
Repeat rows 1-4 of donut

R:5 sc around, changing sc to 2 dc or 2 tr when needed, to form drips

Finish off, leaving long tail for sewing
Tack icing to top of donut

snip yarn into 1/2m length and glue to donut.

To make a keychain, add a cord and insert key ring in between

happy crocheting everyone!!!

*all photos belong to me:-)
*pattern from here

Sunday, February 27, 2011

striped sling bag-purple

This is a special order from aunty Zaiton. She wants a bag that looks like Mas's but is purple in colour. As for the decoration, I've crocheted some flowers and assemble them beautifully on her bag:-) have a look!

the photo looks better outside and the real colour of yarns could be shown...

front's name

back again!! oh I'm in love with flowers now~

I lined the bag with purple cotton fabric. I've sewn 2 pockets, 1 with zipper...

I'm glad that aunty likes her bag very much!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

coin purse with frame

My coin purse with ball clasp frames are now finished! I've bought the frames about a month ago and had wondered how they're gonna work ever since. The frames are non-sewable and glue adhered type. At first, I was afraid that the glue would leave marks on my crocheted purse but thank God, everything went well. After hours of trial and error, tadaaaaaaaaaaa~

There's a lot more to improve, especially the lining parts. (i lined the purses with cotton fabric)

The coin purses are fat-bottoms and they could keep a lot of coins at a time:-) As you can see, I used felt clothes for the decoration. This is my first experience with felt and I admit that I enjoyed stitching the motifs very much. The felt clothes are actually a giveaway from MJbannister that I won recently. Do pay a visit to her blog here~

other than felt clothes, I got some cute paper clips too!

I gave the red purse to my best buddy and kept the pink one to myself. Since it is very time consuming, I don't think that I can accept orders for framed purse...However, I could replace the frame with zipper if anyone is interested with my crocheted coin purse:-)

*I bought the ball clasp frames from DAISO , The Curve


Monday, February 21, 2011

pink+purple crocheted tote

this bag belongs to Izzah~!! It has exactly the same colours like Nabilah's, but the difference lies in design

close up photos...

front view..'butterfly's day out' theme
Izzah had asked for flowers and butterfly..bored with the old design I've been making, I choose to create something new for her~ I hope she likes it!

back view...'name' and flowers
Nobody can claim that this bag is theirs! it is Izzah's!! (^_^)

inside blue heart keychain as free gift~

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

rainbow sling bag~

kak Hasniyati's bag is finish...she had requested for a rainbow like bag that emphasize more on the red colour.. here it is~

some flowers and leaves on a rainbow~

she wants dangling heart keychain too..I choose purple:-)

the inside view.. I lined the bag with red cotton fabric.... sisters and mom like this bag so much. they said that it could be seen miles away!

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learn to crochet: what you need

1. You need yarns

owh ya, you don't need so many yarns to begin crocheting (those in the photo are my stock..hehe) Two is enough. You can choose any brands that you want: Nona, Minlon, Ondori, Wina) Personally, I like Nona and Minlon brand because they're widely available in the market:-)

2. You need a crochet hook (jarum kait).

These are my first 4 crochet hooks bought by my mom. The most right is used in most of my crochet project because it is bigger in size compared to the others. Crocheting in long hours can be tiring and painful. So I just wrap the stick with rubber band to ease the old school..hehe

my lovely crochet hook set:-)

Crochet hooks can be found in many store near you. They come in many sizes. The hook size will determine the size of your crochet project. If you don't have the right crochet hook as in the pattern you are referring, you can check the gauge and add more rows or stitches to get the same size.

That's all!!

ok now that you have both yarn and hook, you can begin crocheting now!!!
Please refer to a video I've posted in my previous post to get started...happy crocheting everyone!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

learn how to crochet

I never knew about crochet till last year. It happened that I found some crocheted items in the net and was interested to learn crochet in depth. Thanks a lot to the advancement of technology that I am able to learn it through youtube videos. There are many videos posted about learning crochet, but I like this one below the most.. It is very clear and easy to follow.

while browsing the net, I found a site whose author's name is Teresa. She got so many free crochet patterns with videos to assist beginners. .Do pay a visit at her blog here and you'll find many patterns to try with assisting video, including the lefthanded versions. She also has few crochet videos for beginners where she taught the basic of crochet like single crochet, double crochet, and crochet circle.. Below is the link to her videos..

Indeed, crochet is fun! I love it so much and I really want to share it with others who are interested too. hopefully, the links and videos I've mentioned in this post would help those who wish to get started. I wish I can make my own tutorial about learning crochet one day..happy crocheting!

new tote new design ~!!

Yeayy!!! Kak Azfahani's bag is finished:-)She had designed the bag herself but I've modified it a lil bit since it's not easy to find the colours of yarns for which she had asked for (lavender+soft apple green)..Alhamdulillah, She likes the bag very much, so do I~

some photos...

the front view..Kak Azfahani wants a lot of flowers and leaves on her bag, so I've tried my best to arrange them beautifully on her tote..:-)

the back view..i like the design most! I reminds me to 'awan larat', an art that was introduced by my late grandmother when I was a child.. it's classic and simple, yet very pretty!

the inside view..heart keychain as free gift~

The bag will soon meet its owner and I'm glad that its owner loves it!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

a gift..

This bag is a surprise birthday gift for kak Jaja's friend... how sweet~!!!! It's a navy blue+light yellow tote with name and 'love is in the air' theme....

some close up photos...

pink keychain from a sweet friend...

front view...

back view..

a quote(^_^)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kopiah and hat~

These kopiahs and hat are ordered by Kak jaja, for her beautiful children:-) have a look~

beach hat for anis~
Kak Jaja had asked for a grey hat in the first place, but it seemed that I missed the info. my bad...
however, after showing this hat to her, she said that she likes the pink version so much and there's a no need for me to make a new one...:-) tqvm!!

kopiahs for Ammar and Adam.. I hope they fit the boys well..

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

newborn set in pink!

Crocheted newborn set for Amni/auntie-to-be~!!

more photos~!!

babyhat, mitten, booties, feeding bottle+cozy, cotton buds+casing:-)

all pink!!!!!

I love makngah~!!

I hope she'll like the set!!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

striped sling bag

done with Mas's bag. It's a large striped bag in pink and white. I was hesitated to combine those colours at first, as both pink and white are soft colours which might contribute to dullness. However, I was wrong! the outcome was so cute and girlish!~ (This proved that customers are always right)

some close up photos...

I've attached pins at the back of ribbon so that the ribbon could be adjusted or removed...
'name' theme

wild flowers..

inside view...2 pockets, 1 with zipper

I hope she'll like her bag!

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Friday, February 4, 2011


Syahida's keychains are finished!

mix keychains: 3 balls, 2 hearts, 3 stars, 2 cubes

hope u like them dear~

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model of the day!!

my shy model, posing with my latest bag:-)

more crocheted totes~

Kak Aliyaa's totes are finished~!! they are 2 cute totes altogether:-)
enjoy some photos~

At last, the real colour of purple yarns can be shown!!!!!!!

Red+Black tote

Close up...

It's not gonna rain today theme!


inside view.. star keychain as free gift~

Purple+yellow tote

close up...

'field' theme. Kak Aliyaa had asked for dragonflies and 'kemuncup'...I've tried to make them for her and this is the outcome. My sister said that it's cute! I hope Kak Aliyaa would agree with that:-P

name+ lady bugs!

inside view...heart keychain as free gift~

I've made some keychains for her too~ -ball and star keychains-

I hope she likes the bags and the keychains:-)

Thanks for visiting!
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