Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yarns for sale (Restock)

Code: cashmere 004
Price: RM 15 per skein
buy 5 skeins for RM 65.00
Fiber Content: 40% Cashmere,30% Soy,30% Cotton

Quantity: 10 Skein(s) available ALL SOLD OUT
Yarn Weight Group: 3 Light: DK, Light, Worsted Suggested Needles Size: 4 mm / US 6
Unit Ball Weight: 50 gr. (1.7635 oz.) per Skein
Unit Ball Length: 167 m. (183.5 yards ) per Skein
Main Color: Blue Yellow Orange

Item descriptions: 

material: 100% wool 
made in China 

worsted weight 
colour: multi colour 
weight: 50 g per skeins 
needle size: 4.5 mm-5.5 mm 
meterage: 250 yards total for 3 skeins 
Price: RM 15 per skeins,
Promotion: RM 40 for 3 skeins


To order, please email the code and quantity of yarns to amaniekd[at]yahoo[dot]com
Please include your details (NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUM) too :-)

Thank you~

Monday, November 26, 2012


These are the pictures shared by my lovely customers.
They found loom knitting very fun and easy, even for first trial!
Look at the outcomes! all of them are cute, and in fact, some were finished in just half an hour.
Aren't you excited to become a loom knitter like them? 
let's looming~!!

Loom knitting is not confined to just a kind of stitch. There are so many stitches that can be made using the knitting loom, Just name it- garter stitch, rib, box stitch, diagonal stitch, basketweave, and many more! 

To learn more about loom knitting, you'll find this book very helpful.
Wanna have one? 
You can purchase this book from Crochet.is.Fun soon, very soon!

Wait. that's not about all yet!
For your information, knitting looms come in many sizes and shapes too, there are: round, rectangle and S shape. Different sizes of looms will create different outcomes.

Good news, all of these looms will be available at Crochet.is.Fun, by mid December!
Aren't you excited to own one? If you do, please wait for our updates soon and you'll stand a chance to own all of the looms in the picture below!

Indeed, loom knitting is soooo easy and even a child could master it!
What are you waiting for? let's looooooming everyone~

Friday, November 16, 2012

of kopiah and pencil case

These are the projects that I've done recently: a kopiah and a pencil case. 

 apple green kopiah for baby Amsyar's aqiqah. I hope the kopiah will fit him well.
Dear Amsyar, welcome to the world my dear! 
wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and joy, InsyaAllah

Cylinder pencil case with a combination of yellow, white and lilac. 
This pencil case is requested by one of my blog reader. I hope the owner would like it!
It's simple yet pretty. Don't you think so?(^_^)

The loom Projects

These projects were done using 14 cm round knitting loom. 
The set include a loom, a hook, a needle, and an instruction.

This is my first loom project, a newborn baby beanie. The video tutorial on how to loom knit can be found here. I just love the outcome!

Next, I tried something more challenging, a vertical striped baby beanie
The fabulous tutorial can be found here. It might be difficult at first but as we get used to the technique, it would be as easy as ABC~

Next, The Simplest Slipper project
The pattern can be found here
 I'm loving it!

I was having fun with my new knitting loom set. The list of projects that can be done using knitting loom is endless. Just name it: hats, bags, scarves, cozies, mittens, pillows, sweater....and the list goes on~!!

Indeed,  loom knitting is easy and fun. What are you waiting for? Let's give loom knitting a try. I'm sure you'll love it to bits! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giveaway winner :-)

Hi everyone~

I'm here to announce the winner of my giveaway which has ended on 27th of October.

The lucky winner goes to......

~~Mrs Juan @ Ikhwani~~

here is the snippet of her comment in the giveaway entry:

Mrs Juan said...
okay Amani, here goes my participation:

Name: ikhwani
email: ikhwanihusin@gmail.com

a) I LOVE CROCHET.IS.FUN because of it's lovely combination of colors in each of Amani's creations. Her designs are always immaculate with a superbly awesome and neat finishings. Everytime I see this page, it makes me go back and pick up my hook & yarns and starts a project. YES! It's give me a booster as I go about my piece. Congratulations, dear!

b) Having said that, I WOULD SUGGEST AMANI TO also sell knitting tools and the likes. Adding varieties of yarns from various brands will also boost her sales and creates new customers, Insyaa Allah!.

Congratulation dear!!!
These bunch of lovely items are yours~

On top of that, I've decided to give 7 consolation prizes to these lucky participants:

They are:
1- Lee Ai Ang
2- Ummi Waleed
3- Husna Azral
4- Nurizan Ahmad
5- Jamilah Binti Ahmad
6- Noorazlin Mohd Kassim
7- Fathiyah Hj Hamdan

each of them will get 1 piece of crochet hook case (random colour)

InsyaAllah, all items will be posted out by end of next week. 
I'll send an email requesting the details for shipping, and please provide me with your name, address, and phone number.

Congratulation everyone!

To those who did not win, please try again next time.
Many thanks for your support. God blessed! Amiinnn

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hai~

Giveaway by Crochet.is.Fun has ended and I would like to thank everyone for your participation.
I am very very happy to read the comments and suggestion given. You guys made my day! I'm glad to know that my humble blog is read by a number of crafters. Thanks a million for your supports!

Having said that, I would announce the name of the winner soon, there will be special prizes as well, stay tuned!

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