Monday, December 10, 2012

Knitting on a Loom (OUT OF STOCK)

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If you have struggled to knit with needles, loom knitting is an easy craft to master - children and adults alike can learn in a few hours.Loom knitting is a revolutionary way of knitting that uses a circular or rectangular loom, or knitting board, consisting of a frame with pegs. Looms are easy and fun to use, even without conventional knitting experience. You can create almost anything, from knitted tubes for hats or socks to flat panels for scarves, shawls and sweaters.This book is designed as an essential reference and a hands-on project resource for the loom knitter. Throughout the book you will find loom-knitting techniques for both round and rectangular looms, together with practice projects. An inspiring design section presents more than 30 patterns to get you started in your new loom-knitting adventure. Also included is a guide to the similarities between loom knitting and needle knitting, and a glossary of techniques.This book provides everything you need to master loom knitting quickly and easily. It is an essential loom-knitting manual to supplement the often scant instructions supplied with the looms. It includes more than 30 nifty, no-needle, quick and easy patterns.

Price: RM 60.00 (excluding postage)
144 pages
30 fun projects
Limited Stock

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My review on 'Knitting on a Loom' Book

The instructions and patterns are crystal clear. I love it so much. Every page drove me to the next and indeed, this 144-pages book is a page turner. I gain a lot of information about how to create aneat finishing, how to create a flat panel with neat edge, how to cast on/ off using crochet hooks, and many more! There's index at the back, with abbreviations used in written patterns. There are charts as well, and not to forget a number of step-by-step pictures of how to knit basic stitches on a loom (knit, purl, i cord, increase, decreases, etc)

A must read book, 100% recommended!


Kuazue Mohamad said...

huish..kalu ada masa mau dah kakzu try nie...tapi nak kena ada set loom tu dulu lah..hihihi.. kuatkan imannn ..kuatkan iman...mau tergoda sudah nie amani oooiii...

amani said...

hehe cubalah kakzue :-) best2, something new!

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