Friday, December 6, 2013

10 stitch blanket on a loom

Picture courtesy from google

This blanket is named ' 10 stitch blanket' because it was made using 10 pegs of knitting loom/ knitting stitches. Video tutorial can be found here:

I plan to one like above, but I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be a WIP for a long times :-)

The blanket can be made using any types of loom be it round loom, long loom, or even bloom loom. All that we need is only 10 pegs for garter stitches. I choose Martha Stewart loom for this project and so far, this is the progress of my 10 stitch blanket. 

while working on 2nd round

while working on the 3rd round

I just can't wait to see the final outcome of this blanket, hopefully it will turn out the way I imagined it would be :-)

happy crafting ~


lady j said...

i tried this twice can not get past the 2nd cornner not sure which stitch ti pick up next

amani said...

hi, it's quite tricky, any stitch will do, trust me, just do it :-)

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