Sunday, November 2, 2014

My loom projects (vest and blanket)

these are my latest looming projects, enjoy~!!

1) seamless loom knitted vest on round loom (29 cm diameter)
hihi, the initial plan was to make a flat bottom bag, but I changed my mind in the middle of my working and tadaaa,.. a vest instead, a cute one :-)

I used 29 cm round knitting loom with extra pegs for this project. (the loom is available for purchase, RM 40 excluding postage) Overall, it took me about 4 hours to finish up.  It's super easy and fun!

2) blanket on serenity knitting loom 
I've been wanting to make a blanket since years ago, but I didn't make one simply because I thought it would require a lot of energy and time. Now that I have serenity knitting loom, making a blanket is not difficult anymore! yeayy, currently, my blanket has progressed up to 70%! can't wait to finish it :-)

serenity knitting loom is availabe for purchase, price is RM 130 excluding postage. To order, simply email to


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