Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fair Isle Loom Knitted Bag

Fair Isle Loom Knitted Bag

The body of the bag was made on 35 cm long knitting loom while the straps were made on wonder knitter. I used stockinette stitch (double knitting technique) for the body. Tutorial can be found here. Other than long knitting loom, we can also use Martha Stewart Loom for double knitting. Simply assemble the boards until the shape turn into a long knitting loom.

My sweet model :-)

make a long flat piece for the body, and then fold the piece into two. After that, sew both ends to secure and attach the straps. Finally, line the bag with suitable cloth. 

We can fill in the middle of the strap with s string of rope to get a sturdier outcome

Happy looming :-)

* Martha Stewart Loom and Wonder Knitter available in stock. Kindly email to to purchase. TQ

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