Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to order tote bag

*I realised that the price for tote bag is too low. Considering the effort I've been putting on finishing a bag (approximately a week for a bag), plus the fact that the yarn price has increased, I got no choice but to increase my bag price as well. The listed price below is a new one*

How to order tote bag~

1) Choose colours for both upper and bottom parts of bag. You can also choose for single colour. I'm using Nona & Minlon brands.

2) Choose themes. A tote with single theme cost RM 100.00, while double themes (front and back) cost RM 120.00. So far, I've got 3 themes to be chosen. You can also request for any themes and I'll try my best to make one for you~

'it's not gonna rain today' theme

upper-'love is in the air' theme
bottom- 'happy butterfly day' theme

you can also create your own design,price will be based on the difficulties

3)You can also request for name at the back. Kindly state the choice of crochet appliques if you want any.

A name with a max of 4 letters applied the same price with any themes.
However, you can also request for more letters, but with additional cost of RM1.50 for each of the extra letters.

Crochet appliques
Upper- Miss Octo, ladybug, pretty flower
bottom- Mr crab, butterfly, blooming flower

4) Please state if you want a lining inside. A lining with 2 pockets (1 with zipper) inside will cost you RM 10.00 extra. Lining is made with cotton fabric..
all bags will be lined with cotton fabric

A keychain (free gift) will be given to those who ordered tote bags with lining. There are 3 choices: heart, star, and ball keychain:-) make your choice now!!
every bag purchase will entitle for a free keychain

Thanks for reading~

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