Friday, December 17, 2010

purple+light yellow crocheted tote

Yeay!! Ruhani's bag is finished. Again, 2 colours of yarns were used, which are purple and light yellow. I guess the combination of colours is so sweet, thus the bag is sweet hence the bag owner is sweet too:-)

enjoy some photos~

Front and back view of the bag

"it's not gonna rain today" theme (version 5)

"Happy Butterfly Day" theme

I hope you like it~

Thanks for visiting
do come again:-)



cantik.. mesti pakai hook kecik kan.. berapa hari siapkn nih?

amani said...

a ah..pakai hook kecik..(itu je yg paling besar jumpa kat kedai mase tu..hehe)

erm..lama jugak lah nak siap..seminggu jugak..

tq singgah sini~

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