Friday, November 19, 2010


I started crocheting in May 2010. It was a bit hard in the beginning but it turns exciting as I progressed. Thanks a lot to youtube videos which helped me a lot in the learning process. I was doing crochet for fun but one day, it changed. My hobby was turned into business! Thanks a lot to my sister who accidentally being my very best promoter in her school. The crocheted key chains I made for her had attracted her friends to place orders for my crochet items. It was my best experience ever. I felt appreciated when people began valuing my handmade items and here I am, wishing to share my passion with bigger radius of people. Welcome to!


Rue said...


I'm just starting to crochet too.. hehe.. u can really crochet very well.. so very envy of u.. :)

I was searching for some yarns and bumped into ur blog..

Salam perkenalan!!

come see my blog

just started..nothing interesting nor thrilling like ur blog I'm sure..teehee~

but very happy to meet ur blog ^^

amani said...

waalaikummussalam Rue,

thanks for visting my blog, will visit your blog back and leave comment, for sure:-)

salam perkenalan juga~

happy crocheting!!

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