Monday, March 21, 2011

multi-purpose small bag

Teacher Arpah had asked me to crochet a big green-pencil case for her. Knowing that the pencil case will be used to keep a lot of marker pens and other stuff, I decided to make a pencil case with handle for her!

here it is!

front view
(i'm still in ripple mood:-)

back view
star beads for decorations

inside view- heart keychain

I made another green bag with different design. I think it could be a make up bag due to its small size. At first, I want to give it to my mom, but my mom suggested me to sell it!!!! hehe she said that I could make one for her later..

I used flowers and dangling beads for decoration:-)

back view..

Inside view....

I am so happy with the outcome. I got my mom to thank for. She is the one who give advices and support. She is the bestest mom in the world. Thanks mom!!!!


MisFyd said...

What a cool new design! Keep it up! =)

zaza said...

tak tahan sungguh akak tgk..geram2 sebab cantik sangt...myb sbb color diakan amani..gred a ah akak bagi..hhehhe

amani said...

@ Misfyd & kak zaza- tq!! seronok pulak buat beg2 kecik.hehe. rasa nak buat lagi~

zaza said...

buat2 jgn tak buat..buat cantik2 lagi bg akak semangat lebih skit,,hehehe

amani said...

hehhee..okies..mari kite buat beg lagi~

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