Monday, March 21, 2011

ripple bags~

These colourful bags are my latest crochet project. All of them were ordered by my aunt's colleagues. They didn't request for specific colours so I took that opportunity to play with colours this time. With my mom as my great advisor, we took merely half an hour to mix and match yarn colours in the store :-)

some photos~

dark blue
we love dark blue so much, but there were not enough yarn available. insisted on using dark blue, we choose pink yarns for the straps.

pink is a must!

the colour look different here:-(

grey is simple:-)

my mom likes this bag the most!!

black is beautiful:-)

baby blue
i like the 'softness' element of this bag ~

My mom loves the green bag, while my sister hearts the maroon one. As for me, I like all of them!!!! how about you? (^_^)


Aisyah Helga said...

I love the pink and grey most! So yummy!

amani said...

tq kak aisyah! (^_^)

MamaDaniel said...

cantiknyerrrr! saya stay dgn biru... biru pink, pink biru mmg cun!! :D

amani said...

hehehe...saya suka jugak...lembut kan gabungan biru pink:-)

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