Sunday, May 29, 2011

blue pencil cases

extra long pencil case & extra fat pencil case :-)

extra long pencil case

this pencil case is approximately 12 inch in length!

flower amigurumi on both ends

The lining part was very challenging. I believe that there are more rooms for improvement~

Extra fat pencil case

front view: flowers!!!!!

the other side...

inside view

I hope the owners of these pencil cases would like them!


Sindar said...

cantiknya beg Amani.. suka yang ada holder tu :)
Thanks for the wish too! Cuti ni insyaAllah.. akan cuba buat projek banyak sikit. Mungkin nak cuba kait beg. Boleh belajar dari Amani :)

Yayunk Syamie said...

great job dear...sangat cantik..( ^ _ ^ )

M a W a D D a H said...

kreatif dan sgt cantik...suka tengok..:)

amani said...

@sindar: hehe..selamat membuat projek2 kait ye..nak tgk beg versi knit dari ery pulak:-)

@yayunk n mawaddah: tq ya..(^_^)

Mae chew said...

How do you order? :) wanna buy

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