Monday, May 2, 2011

tote bag in red

This bag is requested by Asyikin. She had asked for 3 themes: 'It's not gonna rain today', 'happy butterfly day', and 'love is in the air' plus lady bug and butterfly appliques. Ashikin had given me the authority to do whatever I think is best. Knowing that it would be awkward if I simply put all the themes together, I decided to alter the theme a bit by reducing the number of mini clothes (normally, I put 4), and assemble the crochet appliques differently on her tote bag.

Front view

back view

I'll post the bag tomorrow and I hope she'll like her new bag.

Thanks for visiting!
do come again~


Noor said...

lawaaaa =p

amani said...


MamaDaniel said...

amani... cantiknyer... tomey tomey tomey.. geram tgk !!

amani said...

merah ni terang n cantik kan..nona no 80..hehe


SUBHANALLAH...anda ini mmg RAJIN, BERBAKAT N KREATIF..gembira sungguh bila tgok hasil kerja anda..

amani said...

tq sudi singgah blog saya:-)
alhamdulillah ada kelapangan ni boleh la mengait sikit2. jemput dtg lagi ya..

selamat mengait~

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