Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crochet hooks coming soon!! (restock)

6 pieces aluminium crochet hook with plastic handle
Price: RM 36.00

12 pieces bamboo crochet hook (only 10 pieces of hooks in the picture)
Price: RM 58.00

good news!
these hooks will be available soon..
Anyone interested, can pre order now~
drop an email to amaniekd[at]yahoo[dot]com and wait for my reply(^_^)



Izyan Nadiah said...

eee.bestnye..nnti nak tempah jgk la :P

amani said...

hehe..sila2 tempah yan:-)

AnakPakAmid said...

available lagi??sangat berminat ni=D

amani said...

masih available:-)

Anonymous said...


Masih available lagi ke? Kalau ada lg saya nak order la

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