Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tutorial: African Flower Bag

This is a tutorial on how to crochet an African Flower bag. There are 3 crucial steps to follow, 1-making flowers using flower loom, 2- making hexagon motifs with flower loom centre, and the final part is; 3- joining the hexagons together. This tutorial do not include tutorials for making bag handles. Feel free to use your own prefered style and share with us, We'd love to see the outcomes~

African Flower Bag with Flower Loom Centre

1- How to Make Simple Flower using Flower Loom
Visit this link for step by step tutorial 

2- How to Crochet African Flower with Flower Loom Centre
visit this link for video tutorial (I do not own this video)

3- How to Join African Flower Hexagon

African Flower Bag Pattern

Let pictures do the talking
(click to enlarge)

 if you find this tutorial helpful, kindly share with others. Lets spread the FUN of Crocheting to the world~

 psst..kindly drop the link of your projects in the comment form, if you make any :-)

Happy crocheting everyone!

African Flower Bag


~PENCHENTA~ said...

Suka! Tapi takdak flower loom. Huhuh.

amani said...

cantik kan? effect bunga tu timbul2..
hehe kalau berminat boleh order flower loom dgn saya ya:-)

Mrs Juan said...

lawa sangat ni amani, akak buat jugak hexa bag ni tapi tak guna flower loom, tu pon tak siap2 lagi..byk sangat WIP :p

amani said...

ni pun saya buat saiz kecik je,
sebab tak sabar nak siapkan:-)
semua guna 26 hexagon.. rasanya kalau besar sikit, lagi best!

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