Monday, August 27, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a simple flower using flower loom

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple flower (2 inch diameter) using the Flower Loom

These are the tools needed: Base, Central axis, 2 inch round frame, and a blunt end needle

First of all, put the central axis (pink colour) and the round frame (blue colour) on the yellow base to hold them firmly in place.

1- slip a strand of yarn in the slot at the edge of the base
2-5- wrap the yarn in the figure of eight
6- continue wrapping the yarn for forth layer

7- pull the base and central axis out of the base. Then, pull the central axis carefully. You can see a hole in 
the middle of the yarns
8,9- Using a needle, pull a strand of contrasting yarn colour in the centre
10- Tie a knot to secure
11- slip  the needle in between yarns, and pull it through the centre. Repeat this step 11th times
12- tadaa..your simple flower is finished in 5 minutes. You can use it as hair accessories, ornaments, or you can use it to embellish any of your crochet project~

To make a bigger flower, you can use bigger frame size. All of the frames come together in one set of flower loom.  

stay tuned for next tutorial on using the flower looms~
Flower loom idea. Image from here

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