Thursday, September 27, 2012

A story to remember

Hi everyone,

I feel like sharing a story, a true story.
Some of you might know that 'Amani' is not my real name. In fact, none of my family members ever called me 'Amani' before.

So, who is actually 'Amani'?
There's a story behind...a very sad story indeed...

Back in 2010, there was a kitten in our backyard, trying hard to push the sliding door open, to enter our house. He was so small, black in colour, with few stripes on his body. We knew that he was hungry, hence, we gave him some food, which he finished within seconds. He was very hungry, obviously.

We were entertained by his adorable gestures. He came to our feet and lay down his body, spontaneously. Instantly, we felt in love with 'Amani'. We named him after a cute girl in a drama series 'Adamaya' which was popular that time.

Amani was so lovely. We placed him in a box in front of the main door outside of our house. He would always try to get into our house everytime he heard someone is opening the door. Sometimes, we would make fake door sounds and watched him from inside. Amani would run as fast as he could to reach the front door, and waited for the door to open. When there seem no one's coming out, he would go away. After he moved a few steps, we would make the fake sound again, and we would laugh heavily when he jumped and run to the door again.

1 lesson I learnt from Amani; never give up!


I was new to crochet that time. One of the project lingered in my mind was...'a cat collar for Amani...'

With little knowledge on crochet, I made a cat collar for Amani, using a very small crochet thread and a very fine crochet hook. I was so enthusiast to finish the cat collar.

I could still remember, that afternoon, my sister brought Amani inside and played with him. Amani came to me, but I ignored him beacause I was so determined to finish crocheting the cat collar. Finally, I managed to finish the collar in the evening. Too excited, I immediately opened the front door and called him out loud. I wanted to put to put the collar on him. However, after so many calls, Amani showed no sign that he was nearby our house. I called him again and again and again....

Amani went missing, the fact that was hardly accepted by all of us. We can't help but to hope for him to come back, but at certain point, we know that he will never be with us again.

Now, all of my family members are cat lovers. Thanks to Amani, who taught us the meaning of LOVE. He made us realised that cats are meant to be loved, what more humans...

That's the end of the story.
Thank you


fiszah_pjo said...

amani da jumpa awek baru la tu..eheh.tak sempat pakai necklace utk g ngorat..hehe

itu lah, masa pos aritu akak cm pelik.bukan nama amani..hehehe.ptut lah..mmg bukan rupanya

amani said...

aah..nama kucing je..kalau dia ada lagi mesti besar panjang dah
start dari tu, kitorang pun bela kucing...huhu

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