Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Mega Project

bag paradise

These are the bags (and beanie) that kept me busy this past 2 weeks. Real busy.
Alhamdulillah, everything is now finished and I can go back to campus with ease.

Let's have a look one by one

Lots of LOVES
This plus size bag is for my dear sister. She designed the bag herself. This is actually my WIP which have been started about a year ago. Thank God it's finished now

3 words to describe: Simple-pretty-cute! 
I'm loving it

Ripple bag
The evergreen ripple bag. 
My sister asked, 'why don't you create a new bag with new design?' 
she was getting bored with this design due to the fact that I've made loads of them since this past 2 years. 
I could only reply, ' I won't stop making this bag because the demand is high!' 

tapestry sling bag

I love this pink bag so much. However, this picture didn't do justice to the real bag, the actual one is way more beautiful than this. I'm secretly hoping that the bag owner doesn't want it so that I can own this bag! (it's not a secret anymore:-)

candy bag
 'whoaa...why so cute??', asked my sister, referring to the sling bag above 
This small sling bag is very very very cute. The bag is lined with cotton fabric with 2 zipper pockets inside. For the shoulder strap, I use Clover Wonder Knitter (available to purchase). It creates a sturdy knit-like strap with hole in the middle. Cuteness overload!

African Flower bag
 This is an african flower bag with 26 hexagon motifs. I've written down the tutorial in here

B&W bag
This zigzag tote bag is inspired by Sarawak vase. My mum loves Sarawak vase so much, so I made this bag for her. It has an ethnic element in it, would you agree with me?

3 words: elegant-exotic-extraordinary

last but not least...a baby beanie. 

Thanks for reading~
Happy crafting


Aisyah Helga said...

All your bags are gorgeous! And the beanie, too!

Mrs Juan said...

semua pun lawa amani!
I just love the small sling bag too!!!

keep it up your good work! dah masuk campus nanti masih active ke ber-kreatif?

amani said...

tq kak aisyah:-)

amani said...

tq akak:-)
dah masuk campus sy sorok benang dan jarum..nanti tak jadi kerja. cuti nanti sy sambung balik..:-P

MamaDaniel said...

wow! memang mega! semua cantik2 belaka.. and as always.. bag ripple amani mmg cun la! kira mcm design by amani la..

amani said...

owh tak ripple tu saya belajar di youtube..kemudian sambung jadikan beg sahaja:-)

kira bukan design saya sangat lah..thanks ya akak~

Anonymous said...

Boleh order ready made bag tak. Berapa harganya?

amani said...

maaf ya saya tak ambil order dah skrg...

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