Monday, November 26, 2012


These are the pictures shared by my lovely customers.
They found loom knitting very fun and easy, even for first trial!
Look at the outcomes! all of them are cute, and in fact, some were finished in just half an hour.
Aren't you excited to become a loom knitter like them? 
let's looming~!!

Loom knitting is not confined to just a kind of stitch. There are so many stitches that can be made using the knitting loom, Just name it- garter stitch, rib, box stitch, diagonal stitch, basketweave, and many more! 

To learn more about loom knitting, you'll find this book very helpful.
Wanna have one? 
You can purchase this book from soon, very soon!

Wait. that's not about all yet!
For your information, knitting looms come in many sizes and shapes too, there are: round, rectangle and S shape. Different sizes of looms will create different outcomes.

Good news, all of these looms will be available at, by mid December!
Aren't you excited to own one? If you do, please wait for our updates soon and you'll stand a chance to own all of the looms in the picture below!

Indeed, loom knitting is soooo easy and even a child could master it!
What are you waiting for? let's looooooming everyone~

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