Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New version of Long Knitting Looms

The previous stock of long knitting looms sets were all sold out. 
I've restocked the sets and glad to find that the new version is way more interesting that before!

The packaging is also different. The previous set has bigger box than this one. Note that the size of looms are maintained, but the arrangement was made in such a way that the box size is reduce to half of its former size, which means that the postage price is also reduced!

The postage cost for previous set is RM 21 per set, guess what, postage for this new set is only RM 9!! great saving isn't it?

Good news, this new set comes with extra pegs as well. If you zoom in the picture, you will find that there are holes between pegs. The extra pegs can be inserted into the holes so that the distance between pegs is narrowed. This is perfect for looming with local yarns like Nona and Minlon. There's a no need to use double strands of yarns anymore!

What are you waiting for? Grab a set now and enjoy knitting without needles anytime, anywhere!

Long knitting looms set of 4
Price: RM 125
postage RM 9

To purchase, please email to

Happy looming!

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