Monday, February 4, 2013


Assalamualaikum, hi everyone,

It's been a while since my last post on crochet projects. As some of you might know, I'm a full time student currently living in Kubang Kerian, kelantan. I like this place so much. Kelantanese are friendly, food are easy to find, some goods are cheaper compared to other place (tudung/ kain) and, the most important thing is, I love all of the lecturers here. They are so enthusiast to educate students, and their doors are always open for us to come in. I used to hate the weather in Kelantan during my first year, but not anymore. I believe we should be grateful with everything that we have. After all, there are pros and cons in everything that we face. In order to survive, we should see things from the bright sides, not the other way round. 'We could not direct the wind but we could change the sail...' Heavy rains are 'rahmat' from God. How could I complain about rain whereas people in some other parts of the world are waiting for it for years?

have you guys tried to loom knit? If not, please give it a try. Loom knitting is so fun and easy. Even those with no knitting/ crochet experience can master it. The looms that we have in store are selling fast, very fast. We are glad to receive feedback from customers, saying that their children (and husbands) enjoy knitting without needles. It's easy! With knitting looms, everyone can knit, anytime, anywhere!

Introducing another type of loom, the serenity knitting loom! The S shaped loom is very huge! It can be used to knit up to 280cm wide blanket, perfect to create afghans and sweaters. The set comes with extra pegs, CD for instruction, loom hook, and of course, a serenity loom!

As you can see, there are holes between pegs, which means that we could insert extra pegs in there and enjoy looming with local yarns like nona and minlon. There's a no need to use 2 strands of yarns at a time anymore!

Actually, serenity knitting loom is the elongated version of long knitting loom. the principle of use is still the same. If you are looking for patterns, you can just search for long loom patterns, because it's about the same..

Serenity Knitting Loom
Price: RM 130
postage RM 10
Total: RM 140

To purchase, please email to
Happy looming!

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