Monday, January 10, 2011

colourful tote

yeayy!! another tote is finished! This time is Nabilah's, who is my sister's friend. She had asked for a cute bag with a logo of a fitness club she is in. After struggling with the logo part, I am fully satisfied with the outcome, as they look quite similar with the real one (photo below).

A cross stitch pattern maker was used for making the logo. The site could be found here~

some close up photos......

The front view..

The back view....ball keychain as free gft:-)

The inside view..

with my sister's collections. Are you ready to dance? :-)

I hope she will like her cute bag!

Thanks for visiting!
Do come again~


MamaDaniel said...

suka tulisan zumba tu... cantik sangat!!!

amani said...

tq! kalau nak buat, nanti try guna pattern maker tu ya~

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