Sunday, January 9, 2011

Green+Purple crocheted sling bag

Alida's second bag is finished~ It's a large striped sling bag with 2 themes: 'name' and 'love is in the air'. I've never thought that a combination of purple and green would be nice together, until Alida requested for one! Seriously, I love the colours! Enjoy some photos~

let's go green!

Front view

Back view (ehem..everybody in love, go put your hands up~!!)

inside view~

I hope she will like her green bag as much as I do:-)

Thanks for visiting!
do come again~


lia said...

wow!!superb!!cantik sgt2...memang kena sgt kombinasi green+purple tu..

amani said...


mula2 masa dpt order, mmg pelik dgn kaler yg diberi, tapi bila dah beli benang, rasa cantik pulak..:-)

tq 4 ur comment!

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