Sunday, January 30, 2011

wall charms

2 wall charms for Dr Michelle, ready to meeting their new owner soon~!! let's have a look...

5 small clothes altogether:-)

aren't they adorable? hihi

thanks for visiting!
do come again~


mumukshu said...

Hi love your crochet cute and so neat.May i ask what yarn and hook size you used for the small clothes?They are simply adorable.You are a genius!
From India

amani said...

Hi mumukshu. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I used Nona yarn (malaysia brand,100% acrylic,40g), and 1.75 mm tulip steel hook..

Thanks for your compliment. you can try making one, they are really fun to do~

Anonymous said...

Comey nyer

huda said...

Sy br je oder loom knitting kt amira

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