Friday, February 4, 2011

more crocheted totes~

Kak Aliyaa's totes are finished~!! they are 2 cute totes altogether:-)
enjoy some photos~

At last, the real colour of purple yarns can be shown!!!!!!!

Red+Black tote

Close up...

It's not gonna rain today theme!


inside view.. star keychain as free gift~

Purple+yellow tote

close up...

'field' theme. Kak Aliyaa had asked for dragonflies and 'kemuncup'...I've tried to make them for her and this is the outcome. My sister said that it's cute! I hope Kak Aliyaa would agree with that:-P

name+ lady bugs!

inside view...heart keychain as free gift~

I've made some keychains for her too~ -ball and star keychains-

I hope she likes the bags and the keychains:-)

Thanks for visiting!
do come again:-)

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