Friday, November 16, 2012

The loom Projects

These projects were done using 14 cm round knitting loom. 
The set include a loom, a hook, a needle, and an instruction.

This is my first loom project, a newborn baby beanie. The video tutorial on how to loom knit can be found here. I just love the outcome!

Next, I tried something more challenging, a vertical striped baby beanie
The fabulous tutorial can be found here. It might be difficult at first but as we get used to the technique, it would be as easy as ABC~

Next, The Simplest Slipper project
The pattern can be found here
 I'm loving it!

I was having fun with my new knitting loom set. The list of projects that can be done using knitting loom is endless. Just name it: hats, bags, scarves, cozies, mittens, pillows, sweater....and the list goes on~!!

Indeed,  loom knitting is easy and fun. What are you waiting for? Let's give loom knitting a try. I'm sure you'll love it to bits! 


Kuazue Mohamad said...

mcm beh...

amani said...

memang best pun kak zue :-)

Maisarah said...

pakai benang saiz ape ye?

amani said...

yg slipper sy pakai nona, yg topi colourful tu pakai wool, saiz mcm nona juga, yg topi ada stripe tu sy pakai Thorobred yarns, 8 ply :-)

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