Monday, February 21, 2011

pink+purple crocheted tote

this bag belongs to Izzah~!! It has exactly the same colours like Nabilah's, but the difference lies in design

close up photos...

front view..'butterfly's day out' theme
Izzah had asked for flowers and butterfly..bored with the old design I've been making, I choose to create something new for her~ I hope she likes it!

back view...'name' and flowers
Nobody can claim that this bag is theirs! it is Izzah's!! (^_^)

inside blue heart keychain as free gift~

Thanks for visiting!
do come again~


suziyana said...

cantik...cepat gak wat eh..mmg fulltime ker buat nih..

amani said...

hmm..3 hari jugak nak siapkan..a ah sekarang fulltime, tgh tunggu nak sambung belajar bulan 9:-)

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