Saturday, February 19, 2011

new tote new design ~!!

Yeayy!!! Kak Azfahani's bag is finished:-)She had designed the bag herself but I've modified it a lil bit since it's not easy to find the colours of yarns for which she had asked for (lavender+soft apple green)..Alhamdulillah, She likes the bag very much, so do I~

some photos...

the front view..Kak Azfahani wants a lot of flowers and leaves on her bag, so I've tried my best to arrange them beautifully on her tote..:-)

the back view..i like the design most! I reminds me to 'awan larat', an art that was introduced by my late grandmother when I was a child.. it's classic and simple, yet very pretty!

the inside view..heart keychain as free gift~

The bag will soon meet its owner and I'm glad that its owner loves it!

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