Thursday, August 18, 2011

few things to share

These amigurumi were made by my 10 year old brother. My youngest brother is so into crochet after he saw me crocheting keychains and amigurumi. I taught him the basic of crochet in less than 30 minutes and asked him to find what he want in youtube videos himself. Being so keen to crochet, he did browsing crochet beginner videos, and came out with these impressive amigurumi! A fast learner he is, would you agree with me?

Last week, I got a parcel from skynet. Guess what's inside? It's a set of 9 pieces tunisian crochet hooks with rolling case!!!! My dearest customer Kak Siti, who is an avid crocheter herself, gave the tunisian crochet hook set for me to keep. I'm so touched as she bought the set especially for me!

Kak Siti has been my very loyal customer since last year. She has ordered baby sets, pillow case, ripple bags, ripple bag, and tote bags from me. That's a lot! Thank you Kak Siti! I've tried crocheting using the 4mm tunisian hook and I would say that I'm in love with bamboo hooks now. They are very light and I think they are suitable to use in air-conditioned room since they would not let our fingers go numb as compared to using steel or aluminium hooks. Err..would anyone agree with me?

lastly, I got this award from kak Lia. Thank you so much Kak Lia~
I need to share few things about me too. here they are:

-I love everything about art, from drawing (but not good in it) to sewing and crocheting. I learnt using the sewing machine since I was 9 and my first project is pencil case with zipper closure.
-I love cats too.

I guess 2 is enough:-P 

Thanks for reading~!!


M a W a D D a H said...

alaa...jeles la amani ade crochet hook bamboo...:p

einz miszmessy said...

apakah itu??? kiut...sebab kecil~

amani said...

@mawaddah-hehe..sila2 jeles...(^_^) ni pun orang hadiahkan , suka sangat234

@einz- ntahlah..mcm jari tangan kot..dia kata benda ni bear..hehe

einz miszmessy said...

tu la sal...einz tgk cmjari jep~hahaha....

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